“My body has changed over the past few months and it feels great!”

Where to start?…. Seems like just yesterday I started boot camp, yet the friendships forged seem like they have been there forever. I tried TFC after a non-impressive pilates trial and loved the workout and the “chicks” themselves (especially the HEAD CHICK!)  I had started on a lifestyle change about a year earlier by going to the gym and hopping on the treadmill and doing a few machines. I had lost weight, but I lacked tone and muscle and lets face it… the gym is boring! A friend encouraged me to come try her boot camp and the rest is history!  I initially signed up for a one month groupon and the next thing I know I’ve committed to a full year.  (How on earth was I going to survive summer in Texas-OUTSIDE?…  You know what – it wasn’t that bad!  Bring on the cold!) 
My body has changed over the past few months and it feels great.  I have tone, definition, my tuckus has lifted and I have more stamina than I did before.  I still want more, but together I will get there.  I can’t thank you enough for your encouragement, commitment, knowledge and most of all your friendship!  I love you chica.

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