Gained Confidence…Emotional Benefits!

I’m loving these spotlight moments with my chicks!! Today I received this awesome picture of Stacie, who has been with TFC for 4 months, letting me know she has lost 20 lbs since starting with TFC!!!! Not only has Stacie lost an incredible amount of weight, she has GAINED confidence and friendships at bootcamp! Stacie gets so much out of the fellowship at camp as well as emotional benefits of the total body workouts. Outside of bootcamp she loves to run and she always stays accountable by posting her runs on FB for her fellow chicks to see. She has made changes in her nutrition and stayed consistent with her workouts at camp and at home! Super job Stacie….I’m so very proud of you!! Keep working hard and staying focused….you will continue to see the results! I love seeing your beautiful face walk up every week!!! Your smile lights up the room!

Congratulations on your progress!!!

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