“Self-confidence is the best outfit – rock it and own it!”

So I haven’t been able to wear these pants since pre twin pregnancy.  I lost a little weight earlier this year and was wearing a size 18.  But in May I did a nine week program and learned the best ways to eat, how to fuel my body and how to push myself.  And now I’m slipping on these 14s and feeling really good about myself.

My 9 week journey is coming to a close. The last 63 days I have been doing a program called Fit for Photos with an awesome trainer Fitness 4 U – Kerry Walsh I LOVE the physical results but most of all I feel GREAT and BEAUTIFUL and STRONG!!! I’ve lost a little over 20 pounds and learned a lot about myself and how I feel about food. I will keep on going until I am just too fine and full of myself for y’all to handle! Lol! God only gave you one body, you have to treat it well.

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